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Advices for parents

Advices for parents

So, do you agree, that the internet can be dangerous for children? Do you want to protect your child from these dangers? I think the most important thing is that you know which websites are good, and useful, and you also know which aren't. You have to tell your child, which websites and hompages are usable for him/her. If he/she doesn't agree with you, and uses the unusable pages, you have to punish him/her so he/she musn't use the internet for a long time.

The second important thing is, you have to know your child's all passwords, and to which pages  he/she can log in. This gives you confidence, that your child is in safety, from bad pictures, videos and games. It is a good thing if the computer is not in your child's bedroom, but in the living room, where you can always see the monitor. 

Tell her/him how much time she/he is allowed to spend in front of the computer. 
So all in all please accept my advices, thanks. Johanna



Advice for parents that their children need to use the Internet
1.     Little children musn’t download games, films or musics from the net because there can be viruses with these programs.
2.     Children musn’t chat whit unknown people.
3.     Your children shouldn’t go on webshops’ page because they can buy things online, what you didn’t want to buy.
4.     You shouldn’t let your children to play for many hours on the computer.
5.     Tell your children that when they register on a webpage usually they don’t have to give their real datas because the webpage’s owners can abuse with that.
6.     Pay attantion to your children, what they do in their free-time. Don’t let them always play on the computer.
7.     Tell your children to don’t lose time with useless things on the internet.
8.     They shouldn’t play with agressive games.